No Matter where you go, you can never go wrong if you bring your SMILE along ...

Inspired by SUGAR, Smile With Me started last March 6th, 2018. SUGAR was always a happy dog and she brought smiles to people all over the world through her blog and social media. Now, KORU BEAR is continuing this mission to Spread Smiles with Love. 

Let's Spread Smiles and Be The Reason Someone SMILES Today!

Holiday Smile With Me SHARE A SMILE

bringing smiles to seniors and essential workers

While we are still being impacted by COVID-19, we can still show people we care while social distancing through SMILES. The pandemic has affected everyone – increasing stress, loneliness and depression especially in our senior and essential worker populations.

Research shows the unconditional love of a dog helps decrease stress and loneliness while increasing feelings of social support and boosting a person’s mood. While not everyone may own a dog, many enjoy seeing photos of happy dogs. Photos of cute, 'smiling' dogs make people happy which is why we want your dog to Share a Smile this holiday season.

Fill out the form below and we will send you an email on where to send your dog holiday photos.
All photos must be mailed by November 1st.
The first 50 sign-ups will receive a special gift.

Holiday Smile With Me SHARE A SMILE

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